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Close in on the Best Deal by Hiring a Mortgage Broker in Santa Monica

Close in on the Best Deal by Hiring a Mortgage Broker in Santa Monica

Santa Monica, California, with its beautiful beaches and cool summers, may be the ideal place to set up the relaxed lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. While living here may be more costly than many beachfront cities, it doesn’t mean it’s not affordable. RealEstateRama.com reports that new apartments are being made available to aspiring residents:

Located directly across the street from the new six-acre Tongva Park and near Santa Monica’s well-known Third Street Promenade, the six-story Belmar features live/work studios and 1-3 bedroom units. Belmar’s ground floor live/work studios have large roll-up tempered glass doors to allow the resident artists to interact directly with the public and display their work.


 “One of the highlights of the community is the new ‘Living Street,’ which showcases artists on the walking street through the center of the village, providing pedestrians with a connection from Main Street to Ocean Avenue through a great assortment of retail, restaurants and outdoor dining, and public art. Some artists are already displaying their work in their live/work studios,” Texter said.

Belmar Apartments in Santa Monica Opens

Belmar has around 160 rental residences that are generally affordable to Santa Monica residents with high median income. Given Santa Monica’s weather, easy access to city living, and the beaches, moving to this city is more than worth it. Real estate sellers themselves think that the access to fine living in a place like Santa Monica has contributed to a more pleasant nature of the residents such that they become more alive and caring, in turn. If you want to look into whether or not these residences or any other Santa Monica housing is within your budget it’s a good idea to start by consulting with a reputable Santa Monica mortgage broker serving the area.

Getting involved with a mortgage broker

When you apply for a mortgage, the lender determine whether or not you qualify for the loan, given your credit history and income. There are usually several payment options and types of mortgage you can choose from based on your qualifications.  Instead of shopping for mortgage from multiple lenders, a mortgage broker can help determine which lender and terms are best for you and place the loan for you eliminating the process of shopping for a mortgage with multiple lenders.

Be sure to research the background of your mortgage broker, and check for reviews online or ask friends and relatives for referrals.  A dependable Santa Monica mortgage broker, such as CNN Mortgage, can provide valuable advice for your real estate investment because they have knowledge of the local market and the expertise to guide potential home buyers to the home that best fits their budget and needs..


(Article excerpt and image from “Belmar Apartments in Santa Monica Opens, Real Estate Rama”, August 4, 2014)

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