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Santa Monica Mortgage Broker Ties Up with Homes for Heroes Program

Every day, thousands of individuals in the public service dedicate their lives to the continued progress and security of our nation. More than anyone, it is our firefighters, teachers, healthcare workers, police officers, and military servicemen who fight to ensure that the United States of America remains healthy and safe. As a licensed mortgage broker in Santa Monica, CNN Mortgage’s Santa Monica Branch understands just how precious that health and safet.

It is in appreciation of the hard work our nation’s public service personnel provide our company sought to affiliate itself with the Homes for Heroes organization—a goal we have recently realized. We look forward to helping the individuals from these public service fields secure the home of their dreams by providing them with great discounts for our services.

While we are indeed honored to be part of the nation’s largest hero savings program, CNN Mortgage Santa Monica Branch’s participation affiliation with Homes for Heroes has a more personal underpinning as well. Nicole Francis, our branch’s senior mortgage advisor, is the daughter of a sheriff. Growing up with a respected policeman taught her to appreciate and understand the good that law enforcement officers and other individuals in the public service truly do for us in this country.
Additionally, since 2001, she has worked and become friends with dozens of public service personnel from different fields. Her interactions with firefighters, healthcare workers, educators, police officers, and veterans in her career as a lender greatly influenced her recognition of the need for a stable, reliable program dedicated to helping these incredible individuals afford their homes.

Through the years, she has seen other programs come and go—some with more success than others. However, she admits that she has seen none stick around for quite as long as, or match the level of assistance provided by, Homes for Heroes. Seeing as how she and the organization shared the same sentiments and intense commitment in better serving the welfare of our nation’s heroes, Mrs. Francis inevitably recognized the vast potential of working with Homes for Heroes.

As one of the most trustworthy mortgage brokers in Santa Monica, we know that our services will be of great benefit to each hero that comes through our door for help on their mortgage. Interested and qualified individuals may register for assistance through the Homes for Heroes program at www.HFHusa.org.

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